Skinny jeans threaten manufacturer of paper money

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December 20, 2013

For women, skinny jeans with a material that can be stretched is grace fashion. Not only because it comfortable to wear, but also can make you look so much more sexy as well embrace curves.

paper money

paper money

Skinny jeans threaten manufacturer of paper money
But apparently, happiness is not owned manufacturer of paper money U.S. providers. By investigate, it turns out the United States using waste denim that has a 100 % cotton fibers to make paper money.

Crane, a leading provider of paper money the United States for 100 years, revealing as much as 30 % of their material supplied from denim waste. However, the presence of fiber and lycra spandex denim used in the present, especially skinny jeans, making the waste can no longer be used.

Crane reveals, even a single sheet of spandex fibers contained in the materials will make money easily damaged paper.
“No more denim products are not contaminated with spandex or lycra,” said Managing Director of Crane Jerry Rudd told the Washington Post, as quoted from Vogue. “In fashion, it is innovation. But for us it was a disaster,” he continued.

Thus, Crane had to look for another solution, which is 100% cotton buying directly from the source. “We no longer rely on waste denim as the main ingredient. We buy cotton directly from farmers that we need,” said Rudd.

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