List foods to avoid during menstruation

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July 31, 2013

List foods to avoid during menstruation – for most of girls, menstruation does become annoying. During menstruation, acne usually will emerge, it becomes easy to change mood, increased appetite, and tend to be sensitive.



Not including, the pain in the lower abdomen that interfere with daily activities. For that, there are some foods that you can avoid to minimize the things above.

Here list foods to avoid during menstruation:
From Boldsky page, caffeine can make your blood vessels constrict and cause dehydration. If you consume caffeine during menstruation, a woman will generally feel uncomfortable and headaches and increased anxiety.

high sugar foods
Too many foods that contain high sugar such as candy, chocolate, soda and so is able to increase blood sugar levels. It will cause you to be more sensitive and moody.

canned food
Fabric processed foods are foods that should be avoided during menstruation. These foods generally contain sodium which can lead to increase the amount of water stored in the body and cause bloating. Therefore, avoid foods such as cheese, canned food, soy sauce and MSG.

wheat products
Grain products such as pasta and bread lose many nutrients contained in wheat, because it has passed a series of manufacturing process. To that end, whole grain products can affect blood sugar levels and cause you to easily hungry. Of course, both of these will also result in worsening pain and cramps during menstruation.

The food is cooked by frying in fat and high oil, so as to increase the level of estrogen. Any type of oil will cause this to happen. To that end, avoid fried foods to keep estrogen levels remain stable so as to reduce pain during menstruation.

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