Secret to avoid stomach problem after giving birth

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August 2, 2013

After giving birth, flabby stomach problems and weight swelled to its own homework. If mothers want to restore the slim body like before having children, follow these reviews.

stomach problem

stomach problem

Secret to avoid stomach problem after giving birth
Maybe you’ve told parents to use angkin or tank after childbirth. It is intended to allow stomach back elastic and get perfect shape as usual. It turns out that advice proved successful for some people. But what if you cesarean birth and was not allowed to wear cloth corset?

Jessica Alba is a very sleek look while attending the red carpet after giving birth second child has its own recipe. The secret is that she always wore a corset for three consecutive months to cover bad stomach.
“I’m wearing a corset every day both at night and day for three months,” she told, as quoted from Fox Magazine.

Similarly in Indonesia, the use of corsets is usually replaced with an octopus for mother who delivery. Will return a slim body shape, although a little time consuming but can avoid stomach problem.

However, if you have a regular healthy diet avoiding fatty substances will speed up the slimming process in your body. In addition to add regular exercise to make the body fit.

Doctor Wayne Andersen, MD said that, “In addition to wearing a corset, eating healthy will help you stay slim. Avoid foods that can inflate your stomach.”



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