Tips to cope with swollen feet during pregnancy

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August 14, 2013

Almost all pregnant women experience swelling in the legs including bimtri mother too. But swollen feet has experience bimtri mom not last long. Mother bimtri experiencing swelling in the legs at the age of 6 months of pregnancy but it is not continuous, because practice tips to cope with swollen feet during pregnancy. Only the occasional time when the mrs. bimtri too tired, often sitting with legs dangling and if it’s too long standing.

swollen feet

swollen feet

Then how to solve problems of swollen feet during pregnancy so as not prolonged, don’t worry mother bimtri have the trick. And tips to overcome foot swelling when pregnant has get mom from bimtri grandmother and tips has been practiced by bimtri family for generations. The tips given bimtri grandmother quite easy and the mothers could perform really.

Here tips to overcome foot swelling when pregnant:
# Every morning and afternoon diligently drinking green bean cooking water. Green bean cooking water we drink boiled first in a state of lukewarm and do not need to add the any.

# Diligent leisurely stroll in the morning at least 30 minutes of barefoot massage when we let a leisurely stroll in the morning can be a maximum. Because massage when we walk in the morning to help blood circulation blood circulation especially in the legs.

# Each going to bed do not forget to move your ankle 3 × 9 rounds both directions right and to the left alternately. The twist is we do it slowly and carefully let our feet do not strain or injury. The benefits of this movement so that our feet relax.

# If you try to sleep facing to the left and you let the foot mast foot position higher than his head. Foot buffer we can use 2 or 3 pillows stacked pillows. Anyway position of feet higher than our heads while sleeping. It can help blood circulation in the legs that can be smoothly.

Tips to cope with swollen feet during pregnancy is already mother implemented, and thank God swelling in my feet too not often and just occasionally.

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