Bob hairstyles still hair trend 2014

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August 26, 2013

Bob hairstyles still hair trend 2014, to deal with the year 2014, many women want to change their hair style in order to welcome the New Year. Various ways in creations that make their appearance look more fresh and interesting. Annually hair also has its own trend.

bob hairstyles

bob hairstyles

Bob hairstyles is 2014 hair trend
Just a notes, the hair can never be separated from all kinds of trends and style arrangement. Every year, the hair has always been the object as a complement to everyday fashion appearance. Creating trends and concepts hairstyle trends, not all hairdressers can do, except special education undergoing hair styling.

According to hair expert Rudi Hadisuwarno, Bob hairstyles are still a mainstay in 2014. “For 2014, short cutting still be a model like Bob style that behind short, and forward long,” Rudi said, as quoted from okezone.

But surely to order Bob hairstyle in 2014 will be more extreme than in the previous year.
“Just a bit extreme, made ​​the edges thin. The edges been thin, not flat lines, the pattern is not flat,” said Rudi.
While for long cuting, Rudi indulge if the trap model is still hair trend 2014.

“If passed long ago in the trap shoulder is still a trend. The difference is only part of the hair is somewhat diluted. Regular long oval pattern. Thinning quite a lot, but not until thin like Japanese style,” said Rudi.

At the end of the year, Rudy Hadisuwarno launched the trend of hairdressing and make up 2014. Natural colors began to be abandoned and turned to dark colors. Fixed base hair color brown, but with copper to purplish red highlights.

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