Butter benefits for body

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September 6, 2013

Butter benefits for body – breakfast is bread with a smear of butter is considered frightening by dieters. It is conceivable, of raw material is milk cream. High fat content is made butter ​​nicknamed the causes of obesity.



In fact, not always. If consumed wisely, butter can benefit to the body. In addition to a good source of fatty acids, it is also effective in treating fungal infections and helps heal wounds. Butter also contains antioxidant, good for preventing cancer or tumor.

Anti aging cream even use butter as one of its elements. It contains vitamins A and K are good for the body. Citing from Boldsky page, butter has at least five important benefits such as the following.

Here Butter benefits for body:
improve mood
Butter has a selenium that can calm nerves and body when tired. When you feel stressed, sad, or depressed, butter-containing foods can restore joy.

healthy heart
Margarine is called having slightly more fat and cholesterol than butter. However, butter has benefits because it contains no trans fats. So, it is better for heart health. Butter are also a source of vitamin K, which can thin the blood and prevent clogging.

Avoid damage to the thyroid
Vitamin A is owned butter needed to help the thyroid gland function. That’s important, because the thyroid controls the rate the body burns energy and makes proteins. Therefore, a person who suffered damage to the thyroid were asked to consume butter.

improve fertility
Not many people know, the butter can help male and female fertility problems. Eating butter can increase body temperature and stimulates the hormones that help fertility.

avoid obesity
Butter cause obesity, it is just a myth. Research shows that high-fat milk does not increase the risk of metabolic damage, it reduces obesity.



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