Herbal ingredients to hair shiny

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October 1, 2013

Herbal ingredients to hair shiny – hot sun, pollution, and dust can reduce hair sheen. Cope with it, various hair care products often used. Unfortunately, the chemical content has side effects. It can endanger the health of hair and body.

hair shiny

hair shiny

Better to use natural ingredients homemade is easy and cheap. Many herbal ingredients that can be utilized. Not only makes hair shiny, these herbal ingredients also accelerate hair growth.

Based from Boldsky page, the following herbal ingredients that can be used to make hair shiny.
This material is widely used in Europe. Not only makes hair shiny, rosemary can also eliminate dandruff and control hair loss. Rosemary can be used as a food menu or smeared directly on the hair.
The trick, rosemary herb boiled for ten minutes, then cool. Filtered water, then rinse the hair with water.

This herbal ingredient is not only fragrant, but also believed to cure various diseases. With boiled water to wash the hair using chamomile, itchy scalp is lost.

Jelagat leaves soak in olive oil, and store in a cool and dark place for two weeks. This herb can be smeared on the surface of the scalp to strengthen hair and accelerate hair growth.

Horsetail fern
This natural ingredient can be brewed with tea or mixed with shampoo. Horsetail fern believed to accelerate hair growth.

Oil from the root of this herb ingredients improve hair condition. In addition, burdock can also accelerate hair growth and increase blood circulation to the hair follicles.

herbal ingredient

herbal ingredients

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2 comments on “Herbal ingredients to hair shiny

  1. I never knew that chamomile would cure an itchy scalp, that’s awesome! Right now I am looking for an all natual way to get rid of dandruff and acne, as I am 22 with acne and it’s very embaressing! It’s amazing what herbal ingredients can do, after I treat my dandruff situation I want to try and get shinier hair now.

  2. Forget the misconception that frequent trimmings make your hair grow much faster, human hair increases in length about one half-inch each month, no matter exactly how often you cut it.

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