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Film Frozen from Disney is middling place in the hearts of the audience. Moreover, America is currently in the holiday season. Thus, the animated film into an interesting choice to invite family to watch together. find story: gambar frozen, film frozen, gambar frozen elsa, frozen, foto frozen, gambar elsa

List box office this week

Bimtri share list box office this week for film lovers. Movie Frozen eventually overtake The Hunger Games: Catching Fire to the top of the box office. Frozen Both are already three weeks are in the list box office. But this week Frozen success with revenue of approximately USD

Super Bowl attention decreasing movie audiences

Last week seemed to be a quiet week for domestic movie audiences in the United States. Super Bowl seems enough attention thus decreasing the number of spectators. It is seen from the highest income Box Office movie tickets are down by 42 percent. It experienced Ride Along the get

Maleficent topped box office movie

Maleficent scored the new history. The film, starring Angelina Jolie was a profit of approximately $ 70 million in the United States and topped the box office movie. Maleficent Maleficent topped box office movie Maleficent also be Angelina films that generate substantial revenue after it was released.