gravity film production costs

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Film Gravity with minimalist actors

Film Gravity with minimalist actors – Not even two weeks in theaters, the film Gravity has grossed over U.S. $ 200 million. This movie also entrenched in the Box Office. Strength of the film lies not in the production cost of U.S. $ 100 million. Nor is the idea

4 Best Film Summer 2015

...the popular movie this summer appeared in the United States, a moment known as the time arises major Hollywood films, which usually dominates the film’s ticket sales. Minions This time we will present the heating of the four great films that will appear in the summer 2015. They

Universal Pictures postponed film Fast and Furious 7

The death of actor Paul Walker to leave grief, not only for families, but also the crew Fast and the Furious film series. Walker was previously were involved in the production of the movie for the cultivation of the Fast and Furious 7. But the latest news mentions, that


Acting Sandra Bullock and George Clooney was the one who deserves thumbs up. In a way, the Gravity film was controlled both of them. In half of the film, Bullock even acting alone. However, Gravity movie still alive. Bullock and Clooney’s character actually strengthens the film was made ​​by